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02.28.13 - I've had a few fans ask me recently why some of the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strips on the website have two dates in the lower-right. Well, here's the answer.

10.17.10 - Today is a big day for "Jeremy And Tim"... the comic strip turns 50 (today's strip marks #50 of the re-visited, fully-digital "Jeremy And Tim" comic strips), the website turns 1 year old, and the artist (Jeremy Burt) turns 30 - All TODAY!

10.03.10 - Had a great time with the folks from Mid-Missouri Comics Collective during the 24-hour Comics Day! Thanks for the invitation, guys!

09.27.10 - VERY grateful to Jeri L Ryan @JeriLRyan (aka actress who played "Seven of Nine" on Star Trek: Voyager) for Re-Tweeting the posted "Jeremy And Tim" comic strip today on Twitter! If you'd like to follow @JeremyAndTim on Twitter, consider yourself invited to do so!

09.20.10 - The "Jeremy And Tim" Facebook Fanpage now has 500 fans (or "likes" as they're now called for some reason). If you'd like to "like" the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strip (or as I still like to call it: "become a fan"), just click here:

09.05.10 - Had a great time with all the members of the Mid-Missouri Comics Collective. Thanks again for the invite!

09.02.10 - The Mid-Missouri Comics Collective's 2009 Comic Anthology has been printed and is ready for distribution (and happens to feature the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strip in its opening few pages!) If you're interested in getting a copy of the Anthology, contact the MidMoCoCo at their website:

08.03.10 - The creator of a new creatives' website, MyBuzzWorth, emailed me recently to inform me that the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strip has a fan club on their website. Check it out at:

03.18.10 - Well... the VOX Magazine article has "dropped"... and I am not thrilled with how it made me sound. *note my comment at the bottom of the article* For more of my thoughts on how I was interpreted in the story, see a blog I posted this morning after reading it.

03.03.10 - I was interviewed today by VOX Magazine to discuss an upcoming article in which they are featuring webcomics. The article is slated to be in their March 18th magazine.

11.25.09 - I'd like to thank the local printer who printed and mounted the newsarticle from this past Sunday and gave it to me as a gift today! I'd also like to thank the local screenprinter who offered to print a set of "Jeremy And Tim" shirts after seeing the article. There's two directed "thanks" for Thanksgiving!

11.22.09 - The "Ovation" section of today's "Columbia Daily Tribune features an article devoted to the story of "Jeremy And Tim" with background on the characters, a brief description of how things have gone since the "Comic Strip Superstar" contest, and what the future holds for "Jeremy And Tim".

11.20.09 - The writer from the Columbia Daily Tribune sent me a link to their blog, where they have posted many of the new full-color "Jeremy And Tim" pieces, leading up the article that will appear in their Sunday edition this weekend.

11.17.09 - Just got my picture taken by a photographer from the Tribune, who will be running the article featuring "Jeremy And Tim" this Sunday!

11.15.09 - "Jeremy And Tim" desktop backgrounds are now available. Click here to download the right size for your monitor!

11.06.09 - So... State Senator Kurt Schaefer sent me a letter congratulating me on the recent front page article featuring "Jeremy And Tim"! He cut out the article, sent it and signed the hand-written letter with it. I'm not sure how often he does stuff like that, but I'm pretty impressed!

11.05.09 - The first "Jeremy And Tim" coffee mug arrived today (just in time for me to give it to my wife for her birthday!) It was ordered from the new "Jeremy And Tim" DeviantArt account. Check it out for more cool "Jeremy And Tim" stuff!

10.25.09 - So, I'm re-coloring the "Jeremy And Tim" characters, starting w/ Jeremy And Tim - What do you think?

10.19.09 - I had lunch today w/ a reporter who interviewed my wife and me for a feature/profile on the history behind the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strips!

10.17.09 - It seems that "Jeremy And Tim" has gone from local interest to regional semi-fame! Check out all of the news entities that are currently running articles featuring "Jeremy And Tim"!

10.15.09 - Updated the "Jeremy And Tim" comics page to include the 10 dailies and the 2 full-color Sunday strips that were submitted to the "Comic Strip Superstar" competition.

10.14.09 - The artist of "Jeremy And Tim" met with one of the creators of MidMoCoCo (Mid-Missouri Comics Collective) to discuss the recent front-page article in the Sunday edition of the Columbia Missourian.

10.12.09 - The Bad news: "Jeremy And Tim" will not advance to the Semi-Finals of Amazon's "Comic Strip Superstar Contest". The Good News: the comics that were part of the contest's submission can now be published on the web... Enjoy!

10.11.09 - the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strip has a HUGE article on the front page of Columbia Missourian that covers the story behind the comic, a bit about the artist's bio, and the comic strip's current standing in Amazon's "Comic Strip Superstar" contest.

10.10.09 - The Columbia Tribune has posted a blog about "Jeremy And Tim". The blog initially focuses on the strip's advancement in the "Comic Strip Superstar" contest, but also promises a future "proper article".

10.09.09 - The local newspaper(s) have become interested in "Jeremy And Tim". Both local newspapers are featuring the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strips and the history behind them.

10.05.09 - Working on a "simpler" re-design of the "Jeremy And Tim" website that allows for higher-res comic strips and better navigation throughout.

10.02.09 - The "Jeremy And Tim" comic strip Facebook Page now has over 350 fans, and I am happy to say that the website is live as well!

10.01.09 - Noticed today that Amazon has posted a PDF of the names of each of the 250 quarter-finalists in the "Comic Strip Superstar" contest - "Jeremy And Tim" is #116!

09.28.09 - Posted a new entry on the "Jeremy And Tim" blog: "Jeremy And Tim" Has Advanced!

09.28.09 - Received notification that "Jeremy And Tim" is officially one of the 250 quarter-finalists (out of the original 5,000) of's "Comic Strip Superstar" contest!

09.12.09 - Finished all of the required comic strips needed for entry in's "Comic Strip Superstar Contest" and sent off the "Jeremy And Tim" submission.

Jeremy And Tim - Stuff

09.05.10 - The Mid-Missouri Comic Collective's 2009 Anthology has arrived... and look who snagged a spot on both the front AND back covers...

MidMoCoCo 2009 Anthology - Jeremy And Tim


11.22.09 - "Jeremy And Tim" has now officially saturated 100% of the local media!

Jeremy And Tim - Newspapers

Above: (left) Columbia Missourian - 10.11.09, (right) Columbia Daily Tribune - 11.22.09


11.13.09 - The hoodies are here!

Jeremy And Tim - Hoodies

The local screenprinter who offered to print a few "Jeremy And Tim" hoodies (after seeing last week's Tribune article) called me today and told me that they would be featuring the design I gave them as their "Design of the Day" on their national website tomorrow!


11.05.09 - The STUFF has arrived!

Jeremy And Tim - Sheriff Tim

Above is one of the graphics that can now be made into any number of items that you can find on the "Jeremy And Tim" comic strip's DeviantArt account. - Mugs, Mouse Pads, Coasters, or even Prints!

I've uploaded a (very) few images for now, just to see how it goes. As time goes along, there will be more.

Here are some of the other items...

Jeremy And Tim - Coffee Mug

I've also established a relationship with a local screen-printer, and I'm working out the best way to offer T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc. For now, here's one of the few shirts that I've already had printed...

Jeremy And Tim - Tshirt - Sheriff Tim

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